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STEM Project-Based Learning


Authentic, engaging STEM learning application


Real-Life Relevance

Project-based learning makes school more like real life. Naturally, STEM projects fit as they are prominently hands on.


Student Empowerment

Students take ownership of their project and accomplishments within collaborative projects.


Personalization and Flexibility

Units can be implemented stand-alone or in supplement to existing curriculum.

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Take a look at how Pitsco's STEM PBL compares to PBLWorks Gold Standard, HQPBL, and the Legacy Cycle.

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Take a look at how Pitsco's STEM PBL Units align to the National Career Clusters®Framework.

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Balancing breadth and depth

Project-based learning units that are multidisciplinary, open-ended, and student directed are perfect for in-class or remote learning. STEM PBL Units enable students to apply what they learn to new and relative situations, leading to deeper learning. This is the definition of rigor. Through STEM PBL Units, students’ ability to innovate is developed, preparing them well for the future no matter what career pathway they choose to pursue.